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Platform Thirty1 - Locally Trusted Organisation

In a recent post we took a look at our Greater Creative project funder Creative Civic Change but what about our locally trusted organisation partner Platform Thirty1? Here's all you need to know.

So what is the role of a trusted organisation?

Trusted organisations are a bridge between a community group (Like us, Greater Creative) and a funding organisation like Creative Civic Change. So in this case our trusted organisation Platform Thirty1 must be able to do the following as a minimum:

  • receive and distribute funding on behalf of the Big Local partnership, and in line with the Big Local plan and funding agreement

  • report on the use of funding to Greater Creative and to the funder

  • provide grant and partnership administration support

  • have a good working relationship with Greater Creative and the funder

  • pass due diligence checks which includes being suitably experienced, constituted and able to keep accurate financial records of how the money is being spent

How do Platform Thirty1 fit the bill?

Platform Thirty1 (run by Jodie Cresswell-Waring and Samantha Whelan) has a proven track record in enabling others to cultivate social change through creativity, in the numerous forms that takes. They are based in and predominately work with people and groups in ex-industrial communities with a focus on addressing factors that contribute to social mobility and access to high quality arts and culture.

Their aim as an organisation is to be a home for creative grassroots enablers: facilitating, developing & delivering activity with people through co-production. With many successful creative projects managed and delivered from a variety of funders and partners we feel we're in a great place to make Greater Creative a success and create meaningful work for and with our local community alongside Platform Thirty1.

Read more about Platform Thirty1's work here.

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