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Greater Creative Young Leaders Attend Workshop by Local Professional Artist Stephanie Coley

The amazing Greater Creative Leaders from Blackwell parish have delivered many workshops to younger children age 5- 11years so far and to date they have designed and developed their sessions in many different ways. In some sessions they shadowed local artists who delivered creative sessions, sometimes they came up with their own ideas and creative facilitators supported them to fine tune these ideas and deliver them. This past Saturday we took the young leaders to take part in a "grown up workshop" that was happening. They took their place alongside other adults, many who have been crafting for years.

The workshop was delivered by local professional artist Stephaine Coley who was delivering the session all about the wonders of collage! Over the space of 4 hours the young leaders created their pieces, some on large paper, some on teeny fold out books. Their creations were amazing!

The young leaders really enjoyed the experience amd had the following to say:

"I really enjoyed today"

"it was fun"

"I can’t believe how fast it went"

"Steph’s portrait work was inspiring"

Workshop leader Steph Coley said "The young leaders were awesome today! It makes me sooooooooo happy to see young people so excited by art"

The young leaders are currently thinking how they might bring this new found world of collage into a session they’ll be designing for younger children in the parish to take part in. Watch this space!

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