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We use creativity to work on generating agency and power, so that those we work with can tackle any societal, environmental, political, personal or cultural problem that is important and impactful to them, their family and/or their community.

Our core principles:

  • Creating change: striving to make a positive difference

  • Being context specific: proud to be rooted in people and place

  • Having integrity: doing the right thing

  • Unapologetically authentic: considerations for the complexities and qualities at play

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Platform Thirty1 is a women-led organisation working across the arts, culture, community and education sectors in the East Midlands.




Domestic abuse refuges

  • At The Kitchen Table a holistic programme of individual and collaborative activities, aiming to build a stronger sense of self and sense of belonging in women and strengthen the workforce

  • BraveART a project for children to have fun, develop skills and build new relationships through creativity. Term-time weekly sessions and arty party holiday activities

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Sector development

  • Creative Women's Network building connections, capacity and connection for freelancers in the creative and cultural industries

  • Lean On a professional development programme for self-employed women in the community and creative sectors

  • Black Shale a local cultural education partnership connecting the arts, education and community sectors in Amber Valley and Bolsover (Derbyshire), aiming to improve children and young people’s access to cultural education

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Ex-industrial communities

  • We Are Greater Creative a multile-year change project with co-created, community-led participatory strands

  • Creative Neighbours unlocking interests and creative talent to develop skills and confidence through volunteering

  • Home Truths unlocking and capturing working-class history and co-creating outputs with volunteer residents of Blackwell Parish



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