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What a Year!

Well what a year! Obviously Covid changed a lot of things for all of us and for the team here at Greater Creative it presented new challenges, how could we deliver meaningful creative activity for our community if we couldn't meet with you directly? We felt we rose to the challenge and we want to thank every single one of YOU who got involved in our projects this year even when they were delivered in a way that was new to us all.

So in 2020 we presented the following projects for the parish:

- Half term junk sculpture workshops (pre lockdown)

- Our wood sculpture competition which will see four wood sculptures designed by four residents installed in the parish next year

- An online photography project led by a professional photographer

- 'Do It At Home' art packs which saw three professional artists create briefs for people to get involved with during national lockdown

- The 'Create a Crest' project in which almost 400 tiles were cut, designed by community participants and fired in the kiln before becoming part of a series of permanent displays around the parish

- 'Catcher Capsules' craft packs which allowed participants to create dream catchers that incorporated a time capsule holding memories of the lockdown

- The Halloween online 'Pumpkin Parade' which showed off the wonderful carving designs around the parish

- The 'Winter Windows' project which started with four public displays created by local artists and which has now become a wider project seeing 80 residents creating their own displays that are part of a window hunt activity

and finally...our 'Parish Past and Present' colouring book which has made it's way into every home in the parish. This has been a massive effort involving residents who provided images of the parish through the years, all members of the Greater Creative team picking over and selecting which parts of the parish would be depicted.

A professional artist creating the line drawings that make up the book, design and lay out work to put the final design together and a whole lot of printing to produce the final piece. All culminating in a collective production line putting all of the packs together and coordinating hand delivery across the parish to ensure everyone received their books before Christmas. Phew!

Once again thank you so much to all who have been involved with our projects and shared our work this year. Big thanks too to our funder Creative Civic Change who have enabled us through their generous contributions to be able to bring you all of this activity. Remember to like our Facebook page to hear all about what we have planned for the coming year and any latest news on how you can get involved.

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