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Spring Holiday Workshops

Updated: May 17, 2022

Lot’s of fun was had by all!

One little Duck (Wendy) the sessions creative workshop lead demonstrated how to create a spring felt scene leading to so many gorgeous creations from the children.

Wendy reflected on the sessions "I was delighted to discover that none of the children who attended the sessions had ever made wet felt before. It was great to be able to introduce them to a completely new skill.

The children aged 6 to 11 enjoyed the challenge of a totally new crafting experience using natural products to turn fluffy sheep's wool into a totally unique piece of artwork.

We went through each process of wet felting stage by stage and armed with coloured wool roving, tea towels, bubble wrap and lots of soapy water the children designed beautiful spring scenes to create a wall hanging.

Inspired by spring, everyone thought hard about the designs, colours and wool they were going to use. From ice cream to Easter bunnies to colourful flowers, every piece of work was original and different - who knew that the Easter Bunny was actually purple!"

Due to high demand of our children’s creative holiday workshops we delivered 2 wet felt making sessions reaching 48 kids in the parish! One took place in Blackwell community centre and one in Newton Community Centre. Here’s some pics from the session at Newton:

And here’s what some of the group thought about the session:

We’re very excited to also share that we’ve been working with some young emerging leaders in the parish who have been shadowing our sessions. This summer they’ll be supporting us to deliver more session on their quest of being ‘learners to leaders’. Here’s one of the young emerging leaders from the parish supporting younger children at the session.

Here’s our next workshop in the parish for children:

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