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Sculpture Spotlight

It’s likely that most of you will have been out and about to see our competition winners sculptures in situ on our local trails, but if you’ve not fancied braving the recent cold weather don’t worry as local photographer Lee Rhodes got to work with his camera and captured a series of wonderful images for us to enjoy. Lee has lived in Blackwell his whole life and on The Ridge for the last 12 years and got into photography 5 years ago when his friend, Darren, showed him some images that he’d been making.

“Darren showed me some double exposures that he had done and I thought the way he did it was really interesting. We have always enjoyed walking in the Peak District and I love wildlife so photography seemed like the perfect hobby to document our adventures.

My favourite type of photography is landscape photography but I also enjoy experimenting with long exposures and macro photography. During the winter I like taking long exposures of the night sky and taking pictures of the moon. I like walking around the local area capturing our wildlife and documenting what is left of our local history. This has been even more important to me and my family during the pandemic, being outside in nature is good for our physical and mental health. Having a camera motivates me to get out more and explore.”

As our usual project documenter is currently unable to travel to the parish due to lockdown restrictions Lee was our first choice to step up to capture some images for us.

“Greater Creative is a fantastic project that has done a lot for our community so when the opportunity came up to stand in and help out I jumped at it! Everyone at Greater Creative has been really friendly and supportive and I have enjoyed the whole experience.”

If you’d like to see more of Lee’s wonderful landscape and nature images you can view them on his Instagram page at

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