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Parish Installations!

Two of our recent projects have really started to take shape over the last week or so with the results of our communities efforts taking pride of place in various locations around the parish.

Our 'Create a Crest' project saw over 300 clay tiles picked up by residents which they then used to create designs during the UK wide lockdown. The completed tiles were taken to various pick up points and collected by Dave Wadsworth the owner of 'The Pottery' in Alfreton. Dave then glazed each individual tile before firing them in the kiln. Then with the help of Brian Stocks, one of the Greater Creative working party members, the tiles were grouped by parish location and housed in bespoke metal frames so they could be placed in the parish in appropriate locations in Balckwell, Hilcote, Newton and Westhouses for all to see.

Check out our image gallery below for some close ups of some of the fantastic designs that were submitted!

We also recently saw the completion of our 'Catcher Capsule' project which invited local residents and selected school groups to collect a craft pack with all of the materials required to make a dreamcatcher. The dreamcatchers had a twist as participants were encouraged to write down their lockdown memories and also hopes for the future that were then placed in a small bottle that could be hung in the dreamcatcher.

The bottles were collected up and will form part of a time capsule that will be opened in the future so this ever changing time in all of our lives can be looked back upon, hopefully in a less turbulent global landscape! We've collected some of our wonderful 'catcher creations in the gallery below. Has yours been captured?

A huge thank you to everyone who took part in both of these creative community activities, we're so pleased with the results and hope that you and the wider community are proud of the wonderful visuals that have been created for everyone to see. Let us know what you think of the projects in the comments and look out for more chances to get involved with a Greater Creative activity over the coming months.

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