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The projects working party members are:

Jade Taylor

Katie Owens

Katharine Childs

Ian Newham

Tony Gascoyne

Dexter Bullock

Janet Newham

Platform Thirty1 (The projects trusted organisation)

Some of us went to visit Cromford Mill to see the Arkwright Experience to inspire us on this project. We asked ourselves – how can we take what we have and celebrate it?

The working party at Cromford Mill

Also how can we use specific local sites/experiences to consult with young people in the community to better understand the blind spots, their curiosities, their knowledge, cultural identity and their hopes for the parish? As part of the projects consultation we agreed to go with the three schools in the Parish to sites to see them interact with arts & heritage and get under the bonnets of their thinking.

Westhouses Primary School (railiway hamlet) visited The Midland Railway Trust in Butterley.

Blackwell Primary School (ex-mining village) visited The Coal Museum In Wakefield.

Newton Primary school visited Lakeside Art Centre in Nottingham.

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