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Meet the Working Party

Another post in a series where we get to know a bit about the members of the Greater Creative working party, the team behind all of the creative goings on in the parish. This time it's the turn of Brian Stocks.

Which part of the Parish do you live in and what is your connection/history in it?

I have lived in Hilcote for 50 years plus. I am the local councillor for the village and I am the chairperson for a voluntary group called Hilcote Environmental and Leisure Project (HELP for short).

What is it like being a part of the Working Party for Greater Creative?

I think its a very good, organised group with a lot of varied personalities within its members who are all working to make areas across the parish better, fun and creative places to live.

What were the reasons you wanted to be involved in Greater Creative?

To try, along with others, to make areas such as ours a better place to live in all aspects. Be this wildlife, well being or the engagement of residents with art and culture.

How has covid impacted Greater Creative? Has there been any take-aways from this experience?

Thats a difficult one, because I have never in my life experienced anything like this pandemic. It has caused a lot of mental health issues but because Greater Creative has been around it has certainly helped me and I know lots of the community to keep our brains quite active whilst taking part in creative activities.

What are you most proud of achieving so far and why?

Not what I have achieved, I'm proud of all that we as Greater Creative have achieved. If I had to pick some highlights though the 'Create a Crest' tile project and the wood sculptures are amazing!

What are you looking forward to doing next in this project?

The artistic murals that are planned for each village and the interpretation boards depicting interest facts about the histories of each village.

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