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Meet the Working Party

Another post in a series where we get to know a bit about the members of the Greater Creative working party, the team behind all of the creative goings on in the parish. This week Tony Mellors.

Which part of the Parish do you live in? I live in Newton.

How did you hear about/get involved with the Working Party? I was invited by a current member of the working party and jumped at the chance to get involved in a local activity.

What were the reasons you wanted to be involved in the project? I'm very much interested in community and working with local people. I'm currently working on and maintaining a blog that details the history of Blackwell Parish.

What do you hope to gain from being involved? I really hope that the project helps me to become more involved in my local community and gives me a chance to meet lots of new people from in and around the parish.

What are you hoping that the project will bring to the parish? I'd love for the project and it's activities to bring more community cohesion, it's something I think we'd all benefit from.

Are there any future parts of the project that you are looking forward to working on? I’m looking forward to working on the "Routes to Roots" project. It could be a real chance for us to interact with our local spaces and environments whilst celebrating the heritage of the parish and creating something for its future.

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