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Learner to Leader Festive Workshop

Greater Creative’s young leaders (teenagers from Blackwell parish who came together to provide, design and deliver new creative participation experiences for younger children in their community) worked with local professional artist Emma Reynard to devise a festive session. They spent time trialling and testing the idea with the artist and creative facilitator Wendy.

Once ready with their workshop design we promoted their workshop to reach younger children in the parish for the 11th December. The workshop was fully booked within a couple of days by 25 eager children! Sadly we had to turn away other children for the session who wanted to book on.

The workshop day was full of festive spirit! Children designed and then made their very own 3D gingerbread houses made from carboard and paint pens adding stickers and embellishments.

The children participating gave some lovely feedback:

Lots of happy and excited faces were seen!

We think these amazing young leaders did the parish proud today! Thanks to artist Emma Reynard and creative facilitator Wendy Ducksbury for supporting.

Thank you to our funder The National Lottery for making this possible!

In other festive news….. The community group that run in Hilcote called ‘H.E.L.P’ asked if The Greater Creative Young Leaders would do the honour in switching on the Christmas lights this year. Immy, our brave leader pressed the big switch on the night in front of many residents as a local brass band played and the community came together.

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