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Learner To Leader

This summer our ‘Learner to leader’ project was such a great success! Local young people in the parish stepped up to come and learn and then deliver weekly workshops to younger children in the parish. All the weekly sessions were fully booked and each session had a mix of new and returning children attending across the parish.

"We held an initial session with the young leaders to get their ideas on what they’d like to deliver in the sessions with younger children and their ideas were amazing! From coming up with Dino themed workshops where they’d make dino feet to doing recycle projects where they transformed loo rolls to animal friends… the young people came up with such great ideas! They trialed samples at home and were really high quality! Seeing the leaders work week on week with creative practitioner Wendy was joyful. I am so excited to see what they come up with for the spooky sessions in October!" Jodie Cresswell-Waring, Director of Platform Thirty1

The workshops gave the young leaders a chance to learn about workshop planning, delivery and reflection. Their ideas were great – they were thinking outside the box without even knowing it!

"Watching the young leaders blossom over the six workshop sessions was so rewarding. It was great to see them build relationships with the younger children, and grow in confidence as the weeks progressed. When the young leaders noticed any children who looked like they might need a little bit of help, they headed straight over and guided the children. By the end of the summer workshops we had become a ‘proper’ team, with everyone sharing tasks and ideas. It is great to be involved in a community project that is looking to the future in such a positive and inclusive way."

Wendy Ducksbury, Creative Practitioner

"I was privy to see two young children ask about when they could become ‘young Greater Creative Leaders’ in the future. This speaks volumes about the importance of the model we are delivering here, the project inspires younger children to want to lead other children in the parish and continue to keep playful and creative participation happening in the parish on their doorstep"

Jodie Cresswell-Waring, Director of Platform Thirty1

Here’s what some of our young leaders had to say about their introduction into the world of delivering children's workshops…

After I have participated in workshops, I would like to see what it is like to be a young leader.

This will give me experience in teamwork, sharing ideas and leadership.

This project interests me because it's all about working with younger children in my local community.

Now that we are on week 3, it's great to see the children chatting with each other more.

I’m really looking forward to the Halloween workshops!

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