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Greater Creatives Halloween Spooktacular workshop

25 goblins, witches, ghosts and children from Blackwell Parish got creepily creative over half term!

Young leaders from the Parish and creative practitioner Wendy held a Spooktacular Arty Party to show the children how to make their very own bendy Halloween mummy and a crawly armless hand!

From scary and funny mummies to tiny mummies and cuddly mummies we loved watching the children design their own creeeepy creations.

Fuelled by bat snacks and dragons blood, the children helped each other with tricky bandage knots and bendy wire to build a fabulous selection of mummies just in time for the big night itself.

After all of the cobwebs, spiders and wiggly eyes had been packed away Wendy said ‘it’s really magical to see the children working, planning and concentrating so hard on whatever they make.

It’s amazing how the same simple few craft materials can make 25 completely different models - Who knew that mummies often had three arms and two heads…'

'The other very special part of the day was watching our team of young leaders grow in confidence as they learn new skills at the workshops, and get to know the children. They are also getting very good at multitasking and dealing with mini crafting mishaps…

Just a few years ago our young leaders were 10 and 11 themselves and taking part in the workshops as participants. They loved their experiences so much that they want to share their enthusiasm and skills as they work their way onto leading their own workshops. They’re already looking forward to our next workshop’

Some of the feedback from the children:

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