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Free Festive Workshops!

Last weekend saw two festive themed creative workshops take place in the parish, in both Newton and Blackwell community centres. The childrens group were tasked with creating woodland christmas decorations with Jane and Laura, we think you'll agree the results were fantastic!

Whilst the children were busying themselves with their festive making the adults were busy concentrating on making some exceptional glass fused ornaments. With guidance from artist Dawn Turner they worked to create their delecate designs in time to hang on the tree! Overall across the two workshops we engaged with a total of 27 adults and 26 children which was a great turn out on a cold and windy Sunday!

We also gathered lots of useful feedback from the groups on a variety of subjects ranging from what sorts of activities they'd like to see in the parish in the future through to what they had enjoyed about the workshops that they had just taken part in. Some highlights include:

What would make you feel more connected to your community?

· More events for all ages

· Different clubs aimed at different ages

· Multi user routes linking the parish together

· Art classes for adults

· A few more clubs & creative activities

What would you like to see take place in our Parish? Or what have you seen in other communities that you like / enjoy / feel envious of?

· Music/ band (for kids)

· Dance classes for adults

· More opportunities for crafting especially to make something that is not easy or affordable at home

· Knitting/ crochet lessons

· More activities with adults & children

· The really old people in the village seem to be left out of things

· A club where older people can come & chat

· Activities in Westhouses please

· Outdoor cinema

What did you enjoy the most about today?

· Loved everything, lovely atmosphere, thank you so much

· Getting into the Christmas spirit by getting crafty!

· Learning about glass fusing and having fun

· Being creative and making Christmas decorations

· Loved every minute, fantastic opportunity to try something new. Great community spirit! Many thanks

· Unusual activity quite enjoyed it!

· We loved trying new skills, its lovely to feel part of the community, thank you

· Having a few hours to create something beautiful. Amazing tutors and being surrounded by like minded people

· Lovely atmosphere, interesting crafts. Great for the community, meeting new people. Everyone that ran the project was very friendly

· The whole morning was very enjoyable

· The range of resources to create something unique

· It was really nice to be able to take part in a creative workshop, instead of being the person that leads it! Good to meet new people and enjoyed using the materials. Very well organised

· Being creative and socialising with others

· Trying new skills and meeting new local people

· Being creative

· Making something unique

· Having adults and children together

Platform Thirty1 Project Coordinator Lisa McCabe reflected on the days activities; "it was lovely to hear how appreciative people were of the workshops being set up and made available to them. I had a lot of emails from participants afterwards saying how much they'd enjoyed taking part."

Look out for more opportunities to get creative in the parish in the new year!

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