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Duck Day!

What A Quacking Day, Mi Duck!

Every year, local group H.E.L.P (Hilcote Environment leisure Project) hold an annual fund raising event in the village. Racing ducks down the brook, inviting locals to hold stalls, putting on a big raffle and selling refreshments. Last year Greater Creative wanted to hold a free ‘creative corner’ for residents to come and take part in arts whilst visiting the event. The 2022 event was the busiest one to date and the creative corner was a huge success.

Having had such a positive response at last years Greater Creative returned this August to put on more free drop in sessions for the community.

Artist Sally Newham put on a tote bag making session

Artist Emma Reynard put on a ‘quacking duck’ workshop… when you pulled the string the ducks quacked!

Here’s Wendy from Greater Creative and Brian from The H.E.L.P group and a member of Greater Creative drawing the raffle after a long day! :D

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