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Blackwell Parish Jubilee Celebrations

‘Greater Creative’ had a great weekend supporting the jubilee activities in Blackwell Parish.

Platform Thirty1 worked with some of the local resident voluntary community groups to apply for a grant to the National Lottery last year in hope to do some free fun activities across the parish to celebrate the platinum jubilee. We were very fortunate to recieve some funding which was then used alongside committee groups to co-ordinate free events for the parish.

The events were promoted throughout social media, through our Facebook page and other local pages, and lots of printed posters went to schools and to doorsteps to help get the word out and to help make our parish jubilee celebrations a success.

It really was wonderful to see lots of people out and about enjoying a picnic and catching up with friends and despite the weathers best efforts with some wind and rain people still came out to contribute and support all of the efforts of the volunteers helping to put on these events.

Here's a range of images from the weekend for you to enjoy!

First up, some images from the Cinema night run alongside Blackwell Residents Action Group.

Saturday saw the 'Newton Big Jubilee Picnic' with Newton Community Association

Finally the weekend was rounded off with a trip to Westhouses to enjoy a picnic and some traditional games and activities.

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