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Art by the Lakeside

There were mixed feelings and opinions prior to Newton Primary Schools visit to Lakeside Arts in Nottingham. Some children were really excited and others not so much and thought that the day would be "boring". Upon arrival the children viewed the pieces that were being exhibited in the gallery, some large scale textile work.

It was apparent that the children were not used to looking at works and viewed arts as more of a ‘doing process’. The workshop leader this then instructed the group in creating a view finder and drawing small details of the pieces on show.

These were then used in the first main workshop, lino printing! The children were very excited to take part in this workshop. The teachers were also impressed and suggested that this would be something that they would be able to carry out in school with the other children.

After lunch the group moved on to a drama workshop, some of the children thought that the workshop was going to boring and asked when they would be going home. Any notion of boredom was quickly erased, the pupils thought the activity was great! The children loved being able to express themselves and to be allowed to ‘be silly’ (within reason!).

All children got involved in the workshop and loved participating. When the day came to the end, the children that initially weren't looking forward to the trip and workshops had really enjoyed their day and wanted to stay for longer!

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